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Monday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

Alan Lloyd & Pops present their Rock, Rhythm and Blues show on a Monday evening! They explore the Rhythm and Blues, Rockability, Rock & Roll through Prog Rock Psychedelia and Metal both types of course Heavy and Thrash so tune in and get ready to drop out.

What Alan & Pops say about themselves…

“…Alan is a Newport chap through and through Alan used to run a mobile roadshow in the 80′s. Alan got his first break into radio with the British Forces Broadcasting Services when working in the Falkland Islands. Alan is a music lover first and foremost with his heart firmly in the 80′s and with a special place for good old fashioned pop music! Alan loves trivia and quizzes and If he could be anyone else, It would have to be Rod Stewart!

Alan is a keen fan of all things Newport including all the music and carnival events and of course the fantastic Nocturnal bike race. He is often been seen playing a knight of Saint George in the St. George’s Day parade through town. His party tricks include Fire Eating and standing in for absent Town Criers.

“…Pops started his musical journey as a youngster by lugging his shoe box of vinyl 45rpm’s and a record player around the local youth clubs, he is musical to and has been a member of a number of bands throughout his life and is known for playing a mean Harmonica.

Pops had his own mobile road show for many years and then he got his break into radio whilst serving in the army by becoming a volunteer presenter on the British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS), and has entertained in places as diverse as Belize and the Falkland Islands. (Where he bumped into a budding presenter called Alan Lloyd) funny how things come together.

He joined in 2012 as a presenter and can be heard most afternoon’s playing his highly eclectic but intriguing choice of music he also co-presents a Rock Rhythm & Blues Show on a Monday Night with the aforementioned Alan Lloyd.

Pops has unique musical taste buds just listen to his show to find out!

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