Dave Jones

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Dave Jones presents the following shows on Nova FM: Wednesday’s 8pm to 10pm The Dave Jones Show and Thursday’s 10pm to 11pm The Rock n Roll Jukebox.

Star sign is Gemini and I am the wrong side of 40! My likes include Hifi, technology, gadgets, lazy days in the sun and spending time with my family in our touring caravan. My favourite music? Well, I don’t really have one favourite genre, I like songs and tunes so to me it does not matter who sings it.

My favourite decade would have to be the 1970′s because this is when I was a child growing up without a care in the world! My favourite artist? Well same as music really, although I have seen Cher on a number of occasions and would gladly see her again! My guilty pleasure has to be a nice bacardi and cranberry juice – Yum!

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