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What Darren – DJ Drift says about himself.

I started getting into music at a young age, i was able to play the keyboard just from ear rather from reading notes in a music book.
When i was a teenager my step brother got me into old school jungle in the late 80’s/90’s.
I went to school and sold jungle tapes for 5 pound that i recorded from a twin tape deck to my mates that my step brother gave me.
After i left school in “94” i was eager to learn more in the music industry and wanted to learn the skill on how to mix. I bought myself a mixer and twin Techniques turntables with massive speakers and practice 24/7 with some older mates i knew that Dj at the local clubs.
I then went on showing people my talent by signing up with a online radio stations. This was also where my first production happen and Drift Invasion started. Then finally getting a chance of a residency at my mates night clubs and the occasional events around London. Recently i was with another online radio station. Once a year i would get a opportunity to meet and interview celebs from Scfi films and series like, “star wars”, “doctor who”, of even from Marvel films and others. and from these i have made good friends with, along the way, including popular music Artists.


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