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Join Chris Cain every other Tuesday for Solid Gold from 6pm and The Late Shift every Friday evening from 10pm.

Join Chris for two shows on Nova FM. Solid Gold every other Tuesday from 6pm and every Friday evening for The Late Shift from 10pm

Your weekend starts here with Chris presenting a mix of everything from 60’s to present across most genres excluding of course all forms of turgidity in the first hour then winding down into a peaceful state of bliss from 11pm. Get it on here you know it makes sense.

What Chris says about himself:
‘Originally from The Wirral, a true plastic Scouser, AKA ‘Woolly Back’. I learnt to love pretty much everything pop from the 60s right through to the 90’s, Progressive & Heavy Rock, Jazz, Smooth, Soul, pretty much everything, if it sounds good then that’s fine by me!

Favourite period was the 70s to 80. I grew up listening to my favourite Radio Stations, 194 Radio City 96.7 FM as it was known then and Radio 1 of course (who didn’t?), my inspiration to be a presenter was inspired by the amazing knowledge and sheer range of music from my all time favourite DJ’s from Radio City, Simon Tate, Johnny Jason and of course Johnny Walker, DLT and Tony Blackburn from Radio 1.

Although no experience from behind the mic as a presenter I worked as an engineer and instructor for 22 years in the RAF servicing and maintaining high power radio transmitters to working under ground in secret bunkers to maintaining the air defence Radar systems of the Falkland Islands on numerous occasions, and getting up to high jinx. On one occasion by extending the broadcasting range of the Falkland Island Broadcasting Station (FIBS) from about 50 miles to the whole of the South Atlantic by ‘accidently’ patching their audio stream into one of the 10,000 Watt transmitters! I posses 3 saxophones, of which I should learn to play them properly, I also enjoy dabbling in my man caves tinkering with my BMW Z3 and indulging my passion of electronics and general Geeky practices in my shed’.

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