Nova FM is run entirely by a group of volunteers who have a love and passion for Newport. We rely entirely on grants, membership subscriptions and donations from the public.

If you love Nova FM as much as we do, please consider a one-off or monthly donation to Nova FM to help Newport keep its only local radio station on-air!

£10 one-off donation

£25 one-off donation

£50 one-off donation

£5 a month donation

£10 a month donation

£20 a month donation

We use direct debits for one-off donations to keep costs down. GoCardless charge a 1% transaction fee. For one-off donations, Nova FM will only take one payment. All money raised from donations will be used to run Nova FM.

For options on advertising on Nova FM, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to donate a different amount than the options above, please use the form below.

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