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The men were shot dead in an ambush as they returned from the funeral of a colleague.

About 4m households using the cable firm can no longer watch shows such as Taskmaster and Red Dwarf.

An animal charity is hosting a new class that lets yogis play with furry creatures whilst practising their downward dog.

This was the scene on a beach in the Dominican Republic after a storm.

Intelligence chief Dan Coats had publicly laughed in surprise on hearing of a Putin visit to the US.

Trans activist and actor Nicole Maines will join Supergirl as Nia Nal, AKA Dreamer.

Some 800 members of the civil defence group have been taken to Jordan, media say.

More than 170 politicians from the UK and Ireland sign a letter urging the UK government to change the law.

Police surround the supermarket, with US media saying it is a possible hostage situation.

Israel has downgraded the status of Arabic, but there is controversy over language choice elsewhere, too.

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