Bus Service “Unreliable, Expensive and Poor”

Written on October 14, 2021

You think of public transport as a cheap alternative for getting around. Some people rely on it. Shropshire Council made the mistake of asking passengers what they really thought of the local bus service in a recent survey. There was hundreds of complaints with the majority of users saying services are ‘poor and unreliable with expensive fares.

A bid is expected to be made for the Government’s Bus Back Better fund to transform services across the county.

More than 2,000 people took part in the survey and the findings have been published in a report to Shropshire Council’s communities overview committee, which meets next week.

Over half the people who responded to the survey rated bus services in the county as poor, with just over a tenth who thought they were good. There was even 13 who thought the service was excellent.

Comments revealed the general feel was that services were too expensive, too infrequent and complained of reliability and route options.

Other users said the services started too late and ended too early, calling for more buses.

Comments made indicated users want to see a single website for information about all buses in Shropshire, not messy timetables and badly communicated updates.

Earlier this year, Boris Johnson unveiled a shake-up of the bus sector, promising lower fares and flexible services to reconnect communities.

The government’s new strategy sees £3 billion invested to see passengers benefiting from a more robust service being more frequent, reliable, easier to use, better coordinated and cheaper.

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