‘Breaducation’ to be offered on feeding Newport canal’s wildlife

Written on March 9, 2021

Newport’s canal will soon have new signs going up explaining why too much bread can be harmful for the ducks and swans that make the canal their home, and can impact on the quality of the water itself.

Telford & Wrekin Council has been working with borough councillor and town mayor Peter Scott, who said: “After receiving complaints about bread being left on the canal banks and attracting rats, I have spoken with our local environmental officer, Adrian Corney, who has worked with other areas to educate people on what to feed swans and ducks. It will fill them up but supply little or no nutrients.

“Bread is not ideal as it is not a natural food for waterfowl and damages the water quality if there is too much. There are alternatives such as oats and peas.”

Full story: Shropshire Star

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