Appointments cancelled at Newport vaccination centre

Written on March 1, 2021

(Update: The vaccination centre reopened today 2nd March)

A note posted at Audley Court in Newport on March 1st, the town’s main vaccination hub where people have been given appointments in recent weeks, said that those who had been booked today should try and get new appointments at the Telford International Centre.

The note said: “We are very sorry. There will be no vaccinations today (March 1). This is due to a delayed delivery of vaccine.

“We are trying our best to contact all those invited today for vaccination to rebook today at Telford International Centre. We apologise if this message has not been received.

“Please re-book today at the Telford International Centre if able – they have extra capacity due to this cancellation.

“Again, sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment caused.”

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