Lizard mascot found in Newport school

Written by on September 22, 2020

A lizard found alone in a school during the lockdown and adopted as an unofficial mascot has now been reunited with his owners.

A bearded dragon made his way into the Burton Borough School in Newport over the shutdown period. He was found by staff and named Monty – though unbeknownst to the school, his real name was Gary and his home is just beyond the school field.

He got acquainted with the students and took to his role of mascot, but eventually his owner learned of his whereabouts and came forward to take him home.

The new lizard, Bertie, who is larger than Gary/Monty and lives in a vivarium

Headteacher Krissi Carter said: “It left a great big dragon-shaped hole at BBS so we’ve given a home to another bearded dragon – much bigger!

“The new arrival came with his own vivarium so that one will be going in my office. He also came with a lead so I will be taking him for a walk from time to time.”

The new dragon has since been named Bertie. Krissi said that the owner of Gary/Monty has children soon to start at the school.

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