Written by on June 25, 2020

in support of Newport in Bloom’s sunflower project
Local children have done a marvellous job of decorating windows with rainbows and then dinosaurs during the Covid restrictions.

Earlier this year Newport in Bloom asked them (via Facebook and in the press) to sow sunflower seeds in their front gardens and in favourite spots that they have walked or cycled with parents during the lockdown.
This has nothing to do with our usual competition to grow the largest sunflower, this is just a bit of fun to see how many sunflowers shoot up in all kinds of unexpected places later this summer.

Obviously the children should be discouraged from planting in any formal beds or anywhere dangerous, but a show of sunflowers in front gardens and maybe along the canal, the old railway line or down alleyways will brighten the area. They will also encourage the bees during the summer months and feed the birds later in the year. As the sunflowers will need to be staked and a general eye kept on them as they grow, it is hoped that the children will remain motivated to keep walking or cycling the routes where they have planted them, even as restrictions ease.

If anybody would like to participate, but didn’t sow seeds earlier, Karen (newportinbloom@yahoo.com) has plenty of seedlings to donate for planting. Newport in Bloom and the Allotment Society would love to see your sunflowers as they start to grow, so please do support this initiative and send us your pictures!

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