almost 200 pork baps handed out in Newport schools

Written by on June 13, 2020

One independent Chinese snack bar worked flat out to feed almost 200 school staff in two days to cheer them up.

Kim Austin and Chi Wai ‘Jackal’ Luk taking a well-earned rest outside Wok ‘n’ Roll after helping to hand out almost 200 pork baps over two days

The staff at Wok ‘n’ Roll in Newport went the whole hog and delivered 185 pork baps to teachers, cleaners, administration staff and more unsung heroes at 13 schools in the town and surrounding villages of Edgmond, Lilleshall and Tibberton, as well as nurseries.

The small shop in St Mary’s Street is run by Chi Wai Luk, also known as Jackal, and his wife Lucy Luk.

Mrs Luk works as a Mandarin tutor and said that she has noticed teaching staff being unfairly maligned around the country in the days following the government’s announcements about easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

“It was a large effort but one we felt was needed.

“They just all seem so broken and beaten at the moment. We have been clapping for the NHS rightly so, and key workers including teachers.

“But [since restrictions on schools have been lifted] that has just been reversed.”

She said that teachers had been told to go back to school and provide face-to-face teaching for more pupils without a comprehensive plan from the government, and that those raising concerns have been dismissed as “lazy” on social media.

“They have been told to return but with almost no guidance or support and now they are on the front line.

“My husband is from Hong Kong and over there teaching is a very respectful career. The best teachers have their faces on the sides of buses, it is completely different.”

She said that it was important to remember the other staff who helped the schools function, often without recognition, which is why the Wok ‘n’ Roll team provided for all the members of staff, not just teachers.

“It takes a lot of people to run a school, even on a skeleton staff.

“This is something we felt strongly about.”

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