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Charlie takes to the airwaves every Sunday evening between 8 and 10pm playing you the latest hits and the greatest memories
What Charlie Cartwright says about himself…
Charlie has lived in Newport the majority of his life, he has a wife, 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Charlie first got into music back in 1978, where he started up a mobile disco that he still runs today. He has worked on radio in the 1980’s but gave it up for a career in the fire service, to which he still loves and does to this day. He has been with Nova FM since May 2014 but enjoys it immensely. Over the years Charlie has DJ’ed in a few Countries around the globe including Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Florida, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Australia. Charlie’s hobbies are photography, flying helicopters (model ones) cruising and gadgets! As for music tastes, he like’s a vast genre of music from the 60s to present day.