Presenter “Email”


The show contains a mix of both newer and older rock tracks chosen by both presenters. They have been great friends since nursery and between their banter, discuss amazing facts and news. They are actually the youngest presenters on Nova FM.
What Alex & Jordan says about themselves…
““Alex Says “…It is a great show since we have been mates for so long actually since nursery. We listen to the same sort of music (mine basically Pink Floyd) but Jordan enjoys Michael Jackson, U2, Muse … basically all walks of music. We always enjoy ourselves and love every second of the show. A really good listen!”

Jordan Says “…The show is great fun it containing a mixture of music genres from rock to pop, a variety of topics of interesting conversations and lot’s of banter between me and Alex. I find myself talking mostly about sport on the show. I am into more recent music such as the Script whereas Alex prefers older music especially pink Floyd. Alex and I have known each other for a very long time now and very good friends and this friendship is projected on our radio show. We have lots of fun producing our radio show””