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Image copyright Christodoulou Photography Image caption Debbie and Wayne Harding on their wedding day When three men told us why they took their wife’s last name, other readers got in touch to share their experiences. Here two of them explain how it turned out to be way more difficult than they had imagined. ‘My boss […]

Image copyright José Sellier Image caption Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sánchez Loriga pictured at their wedding There was something unusual about the fresh-faced groom that day. The priest at the San Jorge church in A Coruña, north-western Spain, didn’t see anything special, and the smattering of relatives in attendance weren’t saying anything. But both […]

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February 19, 2018

It has been four years since the Ebola virus outbreak in the West African states of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone was first reported. Photographer Hugh Kinsella Cunningham has been back to document the people still living with the legacy of the disease. Image copyright Hugh Kinsella Cunningham The outbreak in 2014 caused more deaths […]

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A wave of pioneers is hoping to scoop up treasure from the ocean floor. But was this deep sea mining boom sparked by a 1970s CIA plot? Tap HERE to find out more: Image copyright Natural History Museum

Image copyright AFP Image caption Turkey is trying to oust Syrian Kurdish forces from Afrin Kurdish fighters in north-western Syria say they have struck a deal with the Syrian government under which it will send troops to help repel a Turkish offensive. The Syrian government in Damascus has offered no confirmation. Turkey regards the Kurdish […]

Image copyright Getty Images MPs are to scrutinise pension schemes at the retail empire of Topshop boss Sir Philip Green. Frank Field, chairman of the Work and Pensions Committee, said the move follows reports Sir Philip was in talks to sell all or part of his business. The Sunday Times claimed that the billionaire had […]

Image copyright Getty Images Many employers still live in the “dark ages” when it comes to recruiting women, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) says. In a poll for the EHRC, 36% of employers thought it reasonable to ask a women about plans to have children. Some 59% agreed that a woman should have […]

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Israeli police are now investigating the incident Swastikas have been drawn on the gates of Poland’s embassy in Israel, a day after the country’s PM said Jews were among perpetrators of the Holocaust. Police in Tel Aviv launched an inquiry after profanities and the word “murderer” were also discovered. Polish […]

Image copyright Rodial Image caption Maria Hatzistefanis: “I start each day with a mission and a plan. I can’t pretend it’s effortless.” Snake Serum and Dragon’s Blood – not names you’d first associate with a high-end skincare range. So, when Maria Hatzistefanis decided after several years in business to give her beauty products more eye-catching […]

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